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rudyh 07-16-2009 02:18 PM

nic issues on dl385 g5
I have centos 5.3 i386 installed on my dl385 g5 server. everything seemed to install ok. did a manual install, did not use the hp smartstart cd. configured my interface.

on the back of the server i have nic's 1,2,3,4. The interfaces in the Centos OS is eth0, eth1, eth2, eth3.

i config'd eth0, plugged into nic1 onthe back of the server (since it does not start at 0). It syncs up good with the switch, network is good, however, i cannot connect to anything on the network. checked the subnet, g/w and cannot seem to find the problem.

any and all help is appreciated, i am a newbie and need some help from the people that make linux great.


Tinkster 07-16-2009 04:11 PM

Chances are that nic1 and eth0 don't match ...

You may want to try and use ethtool to identify who's who.


for i in {0..3}; do ethtool -p eth${i} 5;done
That will flash the lights on each NIC respectively for 5 seconds.

Another option is to check your iptables set-up.


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