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knockout_artist 10-10-2008 02:00 PM

NFS non root user don't have write access.

I have mounted a share(nfs/share) from boxA to boxB.
On boxB only root can modify the share/files etc on mounted nfs.
Of course on box a non root user(owner of /nfs/share) can read/write etc.

on boxB its mounted as
<server>/nfs/share /local
and non root user have full access to over /local.

Any Ideas?


indienick 10-10-2008 02:44 PM

Yep! I have an idea!
You are going to have to modify the line in /etc/fstab (on boxB) to look something like this:

<server>:/nfs/share  /local  nfs  defaults,user,rw  0  0
On boxA, make sure you export the directory with the same options as you define in /etc/fstab:

Just as a side note, when you're asking about proper configurations in the future, it is best to usually include the configuration file or a snippet from the configuration file in question. In this case, we would have liked to have seen the /etc/fstab from boxB, and the /etc/exports file from boxA. :)

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