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c8 sdd 11-12-2007 04:59 PM

Newbie with pcmcia problem.
Hi all.
I've been playing around with the basics of linux for a few weeks,
including having installed knoppix to a hard drive, getting three
types of wireless pcmcia cards to work,etc.
Then i formatted the hard disk again and installed my current system: Debian, release 2.6.19, KDE version 3.5.5.
I've been making extensive use of this forum, looking up various
issues and figuring them out,etc. (Switching from dos to linux
command lines takes some doing!)

Anyway, i've hit my first wall:

For whatever reason i cannot get any of the wireless pcmcia cards to work
with my current installation.

If i use the graphical interface, applications/system/network admin
shows me both an isdn connection(?)which is "not configured" and
an ethernet connection where the interface eth1 is "not active".
Clicking on the ethernet symbol and then activate tab invokes the
error "could not enable the interface eth1".

Over to terminal program now:

/sbin/lspci -v shows no mention of pcmcia, although stuff like ethernet
controller,cardbus bridge,pci bridge,host bridge are all there.

/sbin/cardctl status:
socket 0:
5v 16-bit Pc Card (Its an Orinoco 8410-wd).
function 0: [ready]

/sbin/cardctl ident:
socket 0:
no product info available

/sbin/cardctl info:

Note: If i change the card the /sbin/cardctl status might show
a 3v card instead (the ma401 i think in this case).

Any ideas?

ehawk 11-13-2007 03:02 PM

These instructions are geared toward orinoco, but perhaps parts of it will help.

cardctl is part of the debian package pcmcia-cs, so make sure to install that package.

To use ndiswrapper with debian:

Here is a partial list of linux friendly cards:

Here is some debian-specific instructions:

Hope this helps.

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