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ImAnEwBiE 07-30-2003 12:43 AM

Newbie with a very big problem
Hi guys!My situation goes like this...Im a newly-hired staff and the company has an OPENNA server being their proxy and mail server (qmail). The internet connection is only dial-up. They want a DSL connection,so we'll gonna upgrade to a DSL connection. My problem is that do I need to change my server or I only need to do some things...But im really new to Linux,so Im asking for your help on the things I need to do...And im planning to install to another computer RH 9,what packages do i need to install to my RH 9 for me to run qmail and proxy?

Your help is very much appreciated!thanks guys!

scott_R 07-30-2003 01:37 AM

Okay, this is tough for me. I'm semi-out of work right now (I'm doing some work here and there, enough to keep food on the table, which could be worse), so part of me is jealous. :) The other part wonders how you got yourself in so far over your head.

That said, here is a pointer to some help to get you going. From the sound of your post, you should be prepared to learn a whole lot in a hurry, especially if your the one responsible for that companies system. Two sites you'll want to check out are:

The first is the qmail author's site, and that's often the best place to learn about a program. The second is a repository of documentation for linux in general. Most of it applies to all distributions, redhat, openna, or any other. Of course, check openna's site for things specific to openna.

Good luck, but remember, being a good sysadmin means reading a lot of stuff (often afterhours, on your own time), being careful to understand what you're changing before you change it, solid testing once you do change something, and most of all, keeping good records of what you change, so if you ever have a problem, you can go back and figure it out. Nothing worse than guessing why something that used to work doesn't anymore.

Again, good luck. I don't envy the amount of work ahead of you. :)

Azmeen 07-30-2003 01:49 AM

The only thing you need to do is use rp-ppoe to facilitate your new ADSL connection as opposed to whatever dial-up app/script that you used before.

Setting up rp-ppoe is easy.

You never mentioned whether your server is the mail server (or OPENNA as u put it). But anyway, your current server will do just fine, just get rp-ppoe running on it (which takes less than 5 minutes).

ImAnEwBiE 07-30-2003 07:57 PM

Thanks people...I know it will work bcoz u are great Linux Users! Another silly question..*laughs*

Will i just plug the UTP cable from the DSL modem to the hub and will it already work or do i have to have 2 lan cards for my Openna server?

Once again, thanks!

Azmeen 07-30-2003 08:27 PM

Since it's a hub, it won't have any capabilities to logon to your ADSL network (hubs merely 'split' your connection to multiple machines). Meaning, you'll need 2 LAN cards on your server... along with that you may need to do some adjustments to your iptables configuration (you are using some sort of firewall, right?).

NIC1: Connects to ADSL modem.
NIC2: Connects to hub.
HUB: Connects to other client PCs.

Maybe others would like to give their own ideas on better ways to do this...

ImAnEwBiE 07-30-2003 08:55 PM

Ok!I think the firewall that the previous admin installed was iptables..If I got it right..Is the iptables the only thing i need to make adjustments to?Does it not have an affect to the whole system if i add another LAN card?especially in the kernel...


ImAnEwBiE 07-30-2003 09:27 PM

Ey Sir Azmeen!a correction,the firewall they used was giptables.. thanks!hope we could be able to chat,i know i can learn lots of things to help me from you...

Thanks once again...

Azmeen 07-31-2003 01:43 AM

giptables is just a frontend script that will help you create an iptables ruleset... at least that's what I gathered from its homepage.

I believe you should be able to view the settings of your current ruleset, and port it to a new one that forwards request from your LAN (client PCs) to the second NIC which is connected to the ADSL modem.

I'm not really good at all with iptables, even my current settings is ripped from marcus' example (check out my LQ bookmarks to view it).

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