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Unique_slingshot 08-22-2005 05:41 AM

Newbie: What is hda1
Hi. I am using a Win98se with 40GB harddrive. I want switch over to Linux. So trying the option of running Linux without disturbing anything serious within Windows98 with PuppyLinux For Windows98 []

The bootprocess starts with loading kernel and creating REMdisk or something like that. Then it tries to locate usercram_fs and says uable to locate that file on hda1 though it is there on C:\ partition and root directory.
Why it may be so
What is this hda1/hda2/hdb1 for a windows person?
How to know which partition of mine is hda1?

titopoquito 08-22-2005 06:00 AM

hda is the first hard disk (first controller, master) and hdb is the second (first controller slave I think). Nr. 1 is the first (primary) partition on it. You can have up to four primary partitions, that is for 1 to 4. If you have a extended partition on your harddisk and have logical partitions in it, they start to number with 5, for example your second logical partition in your extended partiton on your first harddisk would be called hda6.
The first primary partition on your first harddisk will be called hda1 :)

EDIT: Please note that hda1 therefore is usually the partition Windows will install to (and I guess your Windows install resides there, too)

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