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newbie 2010 01-13-2010 04:27 AM

newbie problems ver1.qu1.
i know this is crazy, but im using a and have loaded a copy of "red hat linux 7" on the computer.

i have no idea what kind of hardware config/spec stuff i should have in my immediate vision, and if i did i'm not sure how i would make sense of it all.

linux loaded fine. didnt save drivers. eth0 not showing in ifconfig report, but lo is

connecting to network, other host cannot ping linux and vice versus\

can mount a cdrom, but not a usb flash

dont quite understand how the load methods work involving /mnt/cdrom/"usbutils-0.86tar.gz"

eth0 problems and gnome rpm stupidity keeps me from upgrading sys from old version to a newer version, cant even find the cmd to show me that info, sorry.

have usb files i want to mount, dont know how to loAD THE CDROM FOLES, SO EVEN THAT ISNT WORKING OUT

HAVE DISCS WITH howtos just need to stay focused on steps to get desired end result, while trying to learn too much info for what im currently doing between all the f!@#@ing windows i have open.

Tinkster 01-13-2010 01:44 PM

Hi, welcome to LQ!

To the best of my knowledge that version of RH has been unsupported
for 8 years now. I'd respectfully suggest you find and install something
more recent :}

Your version uses an ancient 2.2 kernel which (a quick google suggests
that) has no USB mass storage support, and quite likely doesn't know
about your network card either.


chrism01 01-13-2010 05:59 PM

As Tinkster said, that's obsolete, see You'd be better off with either Centos 5.4 (free version of RHEL ) or try Fedora 12

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