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mhelal 03-21-2005 01:47 AM

newbie: no shutdown or root login in gnome desktop manager

I have a dual boot (Win XP + Debian Linux 3.0 r1), and someone installed gnome desktop manager to me, it seems like KDE, but I don't understand why I can't login as root from the login screen, I can't even stop the login screen before coming up tp login from command prompt, so, I uncleanly close the system, and then next time it firces checking the disk (fsck), and when it fails, It allows me to login as root to fix it manually, and this GUI allows me only to login as a normal user, and no shutdown is available to users, only root can shutdown the system, so I am stuck

is there a way to change this version of GUI, or add a root login, and shut down for normal users,

then, I need to configure dialup on it, and don't know how?

also, I need to configure it to read a usb drive as well?

sorry I am new to Linux, and have a lot to do with it, I appreciate any help I get, thanks,


reddazz 03-21-2005 04:17 AM

You should still have a logout button somewhere (usually in the kmenu right at the bottom) regardless of what login manager you are using. If you can't see one, then right click on an empty space on your kicker (kde panel), go to add to panel -> applet -> Lock/Logout applet and the button will be added to your kicker.

jollyjoice 03-21-2005 04:42 AM

Ok, I guess you will be using KDM if you use KDE - KDM is the KDE Desktop Manager thingy and controls login etc. this works fine with KDE, and allows shutting down etc. from within KDE BUT gnome isn't compatible with KDM so only allows log off, and vice versa if you use GDM with KDE.

When you log in do you get two text boxes? one user name and one password? If not have a look around that menu for something like "Configure Login manager" - this will need root privileges but should enable you to allow root logins, last tab on the right (?) I'm doing this from memory so take it as guidance not exact rules!

<Ctrl> + <Alt> + <Backspace> closes X (the GUI) it will try and restart but if you keep doing it enough times it will give up and dump u in a shell login.

As for the rest try the "Search" feature of the site, its very good ;)

prasanta 03-21-2005 08:29 AM

While using GDM you can't shutdown a machine being a normal user. It can be said as a security feature.

And if you want to loggon to the command prompt during bootup and start X server from therein, you have to change the /etc/inittab file. Change your runlevel to 1. You will be at the command prompt during bootup. You can loginn as root from therein.

Actaully you can login as root from the GUI also. There must be no such restriction.

For configuring your dial up you have an utility called wvdial. You can start it from the command prompt itself.

For getting your usb work, you have to mount the usb.
#mount -t <file-sytem type> /dev/sda /<mount point>
sda may vary depending your configuration.


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