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rootlinux 12-09-2001 05:43 PM

Newbie Linux user in search of help...
Well, as the subject states, im just starting with Linux. Now i've installed Linux and played around with it a bit. Im learning all the commands and learning how to perform certain tasks. However, what I am looking for is documentation, books, links to help me learn as much as I can.

Also, does anyone recommend a book(s) for a new Linux user? I'm told the Running Linux 3rd edition from Oreilly is good. Any other suggestions?

Just for info, im currently running Red Hat 7.2 but I would like to try out Debian, Slackware and eventually a BSD flavor.

So if anyone has any input here, i would be much obliged if you could point a newbie Linux user in the right direction.

Thanks everyone.


trickykid 12-09-2001 08:42 PM

the o'reily books are always good and higly recommended, might want to get a distro specific book like in your case a redhat linux book, which would cover spcific topics about that particular distro. documentation is good at for the howto's... and always come here for a question you can't find elsewhere, most likely someone here will have an answer.. for you.
i think its best to yeah, start out with one distro, learn the basics of running it.. then changing distros to find out what else is out there, but don't install one, then another a week later.. that will just overwhelm you.. might want to wait a few weeks or month or so if you want to try out different flavors..

rootlinux 12-09-2001 11:08 PM

Question on books. Im looking into a couple of books. If anyone has any of these books, I would appreciate any comments on the books.

Here they are:

Running Linux 3/e Oreilly
Linux in a Nutshell Oreilly

Linux Desktop Start Kit Osborune/McGraw
Practical Linux

Mastering Linux

If anyone has any input on these books, I would be greatful.

Thanks guys and Linux is awesome!!!

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