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lastcall79 08-14-2008 03:18 AM

Newbie Installing MySQL for practice
Hi I am a newbie installing MySQL. Im trying to teach myself how to learn more about Linux. Im trying to follow a guide from a Sams teach yourself book. Oddly enough its giving me some steps that are not working.
I basically put the source distribution from a CD to the /usr/local/ directory and extracted the MySQL archive from cdrom.

made a link to mysql directory
then went into the mysql directory where all the files are located.

The book says this:
#groupadd mysql
#useradd-g mysql mysql
- This worked fine But then had problems with below

"Issue the following series of commands to finish the installation and start your MySQL server: "

#scripts/mysql_install_db --user=mysql
#chown -R root .
#chown -R mysql mysql_data
#chgrp -R mysql .
#bin/mysqld_safe --user=mysql &

So when i type in the first command i get
-bash: scripts/mysql_install_db: No such file or directory

I checked the directory scripts and its in there. Tried different variations too and same error. Wondering what I can do of if anyone is familiar with this? What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

immortaltechnique 08-14-2008 06:08 AM

Have you tried running mysql with the following command: service mysqld start? If so whats the output?

helptonewbie 08-14-2008 06:19 AM

What version of mysql....and ls -al the scripts folder and the mysql bin folder...
somthing like
ls -al ..../mysql/bin
ls -al ..../mysql/scripts

rupeshpra 08-14-2008 06:24 AM

By the way which linux and version have you installed?
In most of the linux like ubuntu,redhat while doing setup you will get an option to make this installation of linux as a LAMP server (i.e. Linux Apache Mysql PHP). So i think you should better try these ones. I think this should help you as in LAMP server you dont hae to configure each component individually as they all come in a package.

Er.Rupesh Pradhan
System Adminsitrator,MCSE

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