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vytlacil 08-09-2003 06:03 PM

newbie installation problem: no keyboard/mouse input
I am trying to install linux for the first time. Am installing RH Linux 9.0, everything seems to go fine with the installer recognizing my mouse and mouse input working fine. When the computer reboots immediately after installing, GRUB comes up fine, keyboard input working fine. Then goes through the system checks with one error message:
Initiallizing USB controller usb-ohi failed
/lib/modules/24.20-6/kernel/drivers/usb/usb-ohci.o:init_module: No such device
Then, at the first time booting page, the computer accepts no mouse input, no keyboard input.

I thought maybe it would work if I didn't load xwindows, so tried reinstalling with a minimal install. Again, I had the same series of events occur. When I got to the login prompt, no keyboard input was accepted.

The keyboard definitely works (it works, e.g., with GRUB), and mouse is definitely working with the installer program.


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