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Jayant Joshi 12-26-2000 03:10 AM

I am new to linux and wish to install redhat, which i recd. from a magazine CD, I am using intel p3, 300 mghz, viewsonic 15" monitor, with SiS agp graphics card, us robotics 56k voice/fax modemwith, creative multimedia CD drive, one hdd 8 gig where i run win98, and have another hdd 2 gigs, where i intend to install linux and start learning before i install linux on a company server. Can i install linux on my stand alone machine with above configs.

The redhat distro. which i have is an old one, can i later upgrade to the latest version once i get a hang of things, and where should i install LILO, on the Master Boot record or on the First Sector of Boot Partition...?
Please help me with the initials and later on i will keep you guys disturbing with silly questions, till i get a hang of things.
Thanks in advance,
Jayant Joshi

aethereal 12-26-2000 06:51 AM

answers to your questions
Hi Jayant,

I'm a comparative newbie too, but as I have recently installed Red Hat Linux 6.2 on my own machine (after reading quite a bit about the process), I think I should be able to answer your questions.

1. Your machine configuration looks to me like it should be OK for a Red Hat installation. Depending on which installation type you choose (e.g., Workstation, Server, or Custom), your 2 GB hard drive may not give you a great deal of extra room, however. According to the RH Installation Guide, a Workstation install requires a minimum of 700 MB, but Server or Custom require a minimum of 1.7 GB. So, you may want to opt for a Workstation installation.

2. Yes, you should be able to upgrade your version later, if you should decide to do so.

3. Where to install LILO depends on whether or not you want to use a third-party operating system loader (such as System Commander or Boot Magic) to load your OS. If you do not want to use such a thing, install LILO on your master boot record (MBR). If you do want to use a separate OS loader, then install LILO on the first sector of your root partition.

All of the info I just provided was pretty much taken from the RH documentation, so it should be fairly accurate.

Hope that helps,

CragStar 12-27-2000 10:13 AM

Hope you are able to install everything successfully. I would definately make sure that you make a boot disk for Linux when given the opportuntiy to in the Install. And most definately make sure you back up your win98 partition first (or all essential data). Even though you are installing on a separate HD you still have a chance of deleting it.

Lilo is a pretty good boot manager, but if you install it on the MBR you may need to configure it so that it boots both win98 and Linux. If you have a boot loader or ready installed (such as System Commander), then I would install Lilo onto the boot partition of your Linux HD. That way it should get detected without any trouble.

Again I hope everything goes right for you and that you enjoy your new OS!:)

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