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sirvodka 02-19-2002 01:00 PM

Newbie distro server questions
Hi all,

I have read some of the posts concerning which distro to select and have a couple of questions. I'm experimenting with Linux at home building a file and email server for a new small business. Need some advice for my application.

Which Linux to choose? Redhat, Mandrake, FreeBSD or something else.

Within each Distro is there seems to be different versions. Which works best as a server? Redhat has pro, Mandrake has corporate edition, etc.

Which email server to go with? Sendmail, Qmail, etc.

Anything I am missing?

Since I am just experimenting at this point I don't want to buy the retail versions of anything.

Being new at this I would like something thats fairly easy to install and user friendly. I did download Redhat 7.2 and installed it to a certain point. Found it fairly easy and user friendly. (I was able to get internet access and configure a network printer)

Any advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated.



Mara 02-19-2002 01:24 PM

First note is that FreeBSD is not Linux. It is a Unix-like system. But not Linux.
Every distro can be good, especially when you install only basic things. You should only check if mail server version is good (or you install all patches).
My favourite one is Qmail. Potfix is good. Sendmail has a lot of bugs.
All distros like RedHat or Mandrake are easy to configure. You can install software like Webmin to make its administration easier.


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