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mrjackandcoke 02-28-2014 11:48 AM

Newb to command line: Error setting up USB Drive to install Slackware
Hello All!
With the main stream tech market being corralled towards mobile/cloud/daily-updates/never-ending-soap-opera, I decided it was best for me and my business to jump off that speeding train and learn Linux!

All that said, I am very new user on a quest to create a bootable USB stick with Slackware14.1 and its packages using Terminal on Mac OS X10.6.

The tactic I am using is found here:

The goal is to use Eric's enhanced "" script to format the USB Drive, create a bootable installer, and copy the Slackware setup files, kernels and packages.

**I have a 4GB USB Drive, a local Slackware tree, it's dark, and I'm wearing sun glasses.**

Here is my entry to Terminal:
sudo -s sh -f -s /Users/me/Desktop/slackware-14.1 -o /Volumes/LEXARDRIVE

The result line is:
"*** Not a block device: '/Volumes/LEXARDRIVE' !"

Again, I am fairly new to the command line so I'm not sure if I have a hardware problem, software problem, or if it's good 'ole user error!
Is my USB drive is really not a block device?
Am I missing a parameter?
-i is not needed when moving the whole tree?

I'm sure this is a newbie problem, but any help to push me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

PS- So far I have enjoyed this empowering journey into the world of Linux. Now I'm just left wondering, what took me so long!

Drakeo 03-01-2014 07:43 AM

I really do not understand your goal. if you want a Slackware installer on a usbdrive. then create an install image by using the ISO image of the dvd.
if your trying to install Slackware to a usb drive. you can install it from a dvd or from a copy of the repository and do a chroot install.

you will need a working pkgtool installed. and

cd Slackware/slackware64-14.1/slackware64
for dir in a ap d e f k kde l n t tcl x xap xfce y ; do
( cd $dir ; installpkg -root /media/yourusbdevice *.t?z )
then I guess your going to boot it as a virtual machine in mac.

but if your trying to make a install image so you can use a usbdrive to install on other machinces.

I would take the dvd extract it or mount it since you only have a 4gb and the dvd install is 6.2
i would do 2 things that I do. one is I use the Alien Bob mirror-current script and get a mirror of the repository.
then after the mirror is complete I move the source folder out you don't need it as a install.
then I would make a dvd image of the mirror with out the the source folder. This can be done in the mirror-current script so it only makes a dvd image.
then then take that usb drive of yours plug it in.


dd if=slackware64-14.1-install-dvd.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=512
sdx will be your usb device.
use these mac manual to learn how to use the dd command in Mac
remember dd is unforgiven and there is no going back do right the first time.

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