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rApT0r 04-03-2004 01:28 AM

newb problem booting, any help plz?
alrite so first off let me give the specs
2500+ AMD
512 DDR
2 HDD: one 20gb and on 60gb

kk and for partitions
20 gb= C installed on it is win2k
60 gb= junk

i partitioned C: and made it 10 gb (NTFS), and made another PRIMARY partition called drive I: (fat32) ...its 10gb big lol

i have a swap partition made with partition magic 512 mb big, it doesnt show in windows explorer, prob cuz its not sopposed to but just saying

i have the ISO's as followed:
i use check sum on all of them and the numbers all match

also, i wanna use KDE (u guys think i should use something else?)

alrite so the problem!
i burned yarrow disk 1 to a cd, with nero, i used the burn ISO option k? so i burn it, its working and all in explorer so i restart computer... boot magic comes up and its like 'wat hdd u wanna boot from' 1: C:\ windows 2k or 2: I:\ ok so i click I: and since their nothing on it, its like 'hi press enter key to boot from cd' so im like *enter* and its like 'can not load from cd' or something, it doesnt see it as a boot disk! ok so i no im doing SOMETHING wrong with the buring of the iso! which files in the iso do i burn? do i need to extract anything? is fedora any good!?!?!?! so many questions argh thanks for reading this,

if i did anything wrong with the whole partition thing please tell me

p.s. where do i get all the drivers for my mother board and networking cards for linux? is it ez to install them?

p.p.s how about my cable modem? lol do i need like to set up the DHCP and gateway and crap or will it be automatic

scott_R 04-03-2004 03:59 AM

I'd avoid Fedora for the time being. Right now, it's somewhat beta, and tends to need a lot of handholding. Personally, I'm beholden to Mandrake 9.1. The newer versions (9.2 and 10 community) have some problems. Slackware's great, but only for someone with a little experience with installing Linux, and the same with debian. SuSE doesn't allow ISO downloads, which is a bummer. Most of the other stuff just isn't that well used to recommend comfortably.

For the record, I'm recommending 9.1 because 9.2 "forgot" to include kernel source code (important if you need to add an unusual driver), and 10 community is a better, but similar, version of what fedora is.

It sounds worse than it is. If you're in a hurry to use Linux, try Mandrake 9.1. If you're in a hurry to see what Linux is all about, try Knoppix (bootable cd, no commitment). If you have some patience, try mandrake 10 or a SuSE ftp download. If you have all the patience in the world, try Slackware, Debian, or see for the full list of distros available.

I hate being negative, but there's actually a fairly good reason why things have gone a little haywire recently. First, the new kernel is out (2.6), and everybody's working on that more than anything. Second, the GUI folks have been moving along pretty well, so there's some waiting in that arena. In a similar vein, there are a lot of other major projects that are approaching major changes, so everyone is kind of waiting, just to make sure they get the best product out the door.

This happened with 2.4 (to a degree), but it also backfired on some folks when they rushed to be the first ones with the new kernel and programs. This time, everybody's a little more weary, perhaps too weary.

SciYro 04-03-2004 04:08 AM

left click on the ISO images and click "open with nero", or "open with.." then pick nero,

burn them

and reboot, like you did, some cd-roms have trouble reading certain cd-roms (iv seen new laptops not being able to boot cd-rw, but my older laptop can, kinda sad)

and if the cd's are blank, you can left click the iso's and click "burn to cd" or something like that

dependsin on the distro if it will configure for you, linux kernel comes with drivers for you (unless your using modern chip-sets like nvida (you can dl those from there site), as for your cable modem your set, at worst case you'll have to type in "dhclient" before using the Internet (most distros do this for you)

and DHCP is not crap, it condifures all that other stuff for you (gateways, routes... eeh saves you a few extra commands)

rApT0r 04-03-2004 01:39 PM

thanks u guys! alrite well ima try burning the iso's to a rw this time so i dont have MORE frisbees to throw around -_- SciYro i didnt say DHCP is crap lol, i meant crap as in other stuff in networking and the cable modem, sorry i should have rephrased it instead of using crap heh, ok well this cd boot better work or else im trying Mandrake 9.1

Peeyush Maurya 04-03-2004 02:09 PM



see if it helps


rApT0r 04-03-2004 03:49 PM

nope tried, i set cd as the first, im burning mandrake as we speak, so we'll see...

Pauli 04-03-2004 05:19 PM


I'd avoid Fedora for the time being. Right now, it's somewhat beta, and tends to need a lot of handholding.
Bull, its a lot better than mandrake. It is NOT beta, the FC2 TEST is beta, FC1 is stable and easy to use. You do not know much about FC1 if you think it is hard to use and install, it is simple to use.

And BTW, burn all isos at a slow speed, they are very bitchy :)

rApT0r 04-03-2004 08:07 PM

thanks ^^

bosewicht 04-03-2004 08:17 PM

i agree with Pauli , fedora core 1 is very stable mandrake, on the other hand, has it's own issues that i would rather stay away from

pleasehelp 04-04-2004 01:43 AM

im a former RH9 user that upgraded to Fedora Core 1 and im very happy with it. easy install and use and im a major newbie.

Peeyush Maurya 04-04-2004 09:58 AM

try whitebox

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