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dwoeltje 06-24-2004 02:59 PM

New to RHN; can get network connectivity to or from Windows systems to work
I'm new to Linux; I've been almost strictly a DOS and WinTel person, though I do have to manage an authentication server that runs on top of Solaris 8 and also firewalls that use a hardened version of BSD.

I purchased a Red Hat Linux 9 Bible (which, of course, comes with a copy of Red Hat Linux 9) and I'm trying to set it up. But the so-called "Bible" (written by a Chris Negus) leaves a lot to be desired. Even though he says it's for "newbies", it's really geared for those with previous experience with Unix-variant operating systems.

So, I've got the software installed...........but I cannot get all the networking/authentication technology working. I can't find the answer anywhere in the "Bible", I can't find the answer anywhere on Red Hat's web site (including in their knowledgebase), and I even downloaded the manuals and could not find the answer there.

I need to be able to use the Linux system for, among other things, to be able to connect to, authenticate to, and "take part in" my Windows 2000 domain. I also need for my Windows 2000 Pro machines to be able to access my Linux system. So, I'm trying to get the LDAP functions, the Kerberos functions, and the SMB functions to work. But I've been unsuccessful. I set the LDAP information in the System Settings -> Authentication (in RHL 9) to the correct LDAP domain and I put in the correct LDAP server name and I saved it. I didn't get any errors.

Then I went into Konqueror, did a Select Directory, scrolled down the left-hand side to the "Network" icon, and tried to browse the network. But I got an error message saying that I could not use the "LAN Browser" because it appeared that I did not have the "lisa daemon" running.

Well, I don't even know what the "lisa daemon" is, let alone know how to get it running.

I could really use some help, please.

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