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ankur218 09-01-2012 09:56 AM

New to Fedora
Hello everyone,

I recently installed Fedora Linux. It came with a bunch of apps. But still some movie files don't play, some other problems, etc. So I want to go about with the basic stuffs as of now.

A good music player (like I prefer VLC for windows)
A rar/iso/zip archive application
Image viewer

The third and the fourth are there. And about the rest I want to know if there are any good ones for linux or winrar, vlc, magic iso etc itself are used. Please mention the names.

And any other basics to be known for normal computer usage in fedora? How do I sign up for the fedora forums in their official website? It gives me a bunch of options but I am not a developer. I am just a normal user who wants to play around and learn more.

Any other suggestion or advice is welcome :)


smoker 09-01-2012 10:15 AM

The Fedora specific forums are here

To add non-fedora software and codecs etc try here.

I suggest starting with the section - Third party repositories.

There is no rar capability on linux. There is an unrar tool but no way to create them. Fedora includes an archive manager that reads, opens and creates many types of format. You can add extra formats easily using add/remove software. Eye of gnome is default in Fedora as the image viewer.

pixellany 09-01-2012 10:20 AM

For archiving, compressing, etc. I recommend simply using "tar" in a terminal. There are flags for all the common compression schemes---so you can compress and archive in one command.

Image viewer: There are MANY---I've recently been using Shotwell and I'm quite impressed.

DavidMcCann 09-02-2012 01:27 PM

The archive tool is called File roller: you'll find in the menu under System tools. It has very clear help. No need to mess about with the command line!

Smoker's reference will tell you how to get the media codecs, and if you don't like Rhythmbox and want VLC, install it with the package manager (Add/remove software in Administration).

clocker 09-02-2012 04:57 PM


Fedora and redhat have issues with copyrights for codes to allow you play media files, so the installation media is no shipped with a working media player like for your local files. Internet media may be played.

download and install rpm fusion, how?? 1.#rpm -ivh rpmfusion.rpm 2.#yum install vlc , run both as root
Fedora comes with gzip for your winrar lookalike. Read about tarballs and gzip how to pack, unpack, extract......

John VV 09-02-2012 05:52 PM

as above see the mjmwired page and the fedora wiki
you also might want to read through the "fedoraforum"

fedora dose not ship with non gpl'd software

as to archives

fedora has built in " file-roller" a very nice gui for archives
and there ARE extra plugins for it in the repos

for ISO's i would use K3B
might not be installed BY default with Gmone3
it is default in KDE

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