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linus72 04-29-2009 07:17 PM

New Release- UltimateLinuxToolKitCD-v4.21 at!
I know, I'm spamming, but my stuff is good...

I need beta testers...everything works, I even fixed a bug in ubcd-50b12!

the cd is 693MB, so play it on qemu/vbox first to verify booting

Tomorrow I am coming out with a custom iso of about 10MB that is actually a tutorial on making your own custom menu's, usb/cd booting, syslinux info and help docs for all the distro's inside-so no F1, etc, it will be menu driven!

ULTKCD-v4.21 includes and more(antivirus stuff, bootfloppys, etc)

and Tinycore-1.4!
All on 700MB CD!
Also has a new submenu system!

please email me with bug reports at

linus72 05-03-2009 05:46 PM

Greatest ToolKit ever?
Probably not...but it's a start! Presents-

Immutable_Shield-CDUSB-v4.20! (698MB)

It's got...
2-ClamAV LiveCD
3-AviraAV LiveCD



plus more that would take up a couple pages!
It has a neat sub-menu system that works on both cd and usb.
All distro's booted and played from my two stalwarts; a Kingston 4GB and a Kingston 2GB USB.

The usb instructions are simple, just copy the contents of the iso to your usb, install syslinux to usb, reboot!

Both Mpentoo and GRML have beautiful full desktops and alot of tools!

The menu system is configurable, just imitate what I did.

I included some docs and xtra stuff like recoverylinux, a nice little tool.

Future plans include adding a WM for both Plop and TTY Linux.

Also, I must give full credit to all the member's of LQ that helped me on my journey with Linux after the sudden death of XP left me in a hapless state.
Ubuntu saved my files,etc and here I am, 5 months later, hacking and learning stuff!
I still need to learn HTML, maybe I'll do that this week...
Anyway, anything you download from my site, is the culmination of all the knowledge I've learned(am learning) here, so pat yourselves on the back, because you helped make all my stuff!

Download available now at

Bugs and stuff report to the forum.

linus72 05-05-2009 04:34 PM

Greatest linux Mini-Rescue-CD/USB?
Yep, presents another Platinum edition!

ISO-USB-KIT.tar.bz2 (99MB)
ISO-USB-KIT.iso (49MB) (49MB)

I made this little kit for Linux newbies so they can grasp how to make an iso image and how to run linux off USB.


NetbootCD-3.0 (netinstall Ubuntu/Debian/Mandriva/OpenSUSE/CentOS/and Slack 12.2)



Has a boot manager function to boot your hd partitions 1-4(expandable)

Has a Hardware Detect Tool

And Memtest too!

You can play the mini-iso in Qemu/Vbox or burn it to a mini-cd

Additionally, just extract and drop the onto your USB, install syslinux to USB, set the boot flag on USB, reboot and play!

You can rescue your system with Tinycore/Slitaz, Net-install a major distro with NetbootCD, and learn the command line with TTY-Linux(instructions included).

If you wanna add your own distro(s) to it, just edit the isolinux.cfg(cd) or syslinux.cfg(usb) and make sure you give the full path to the kernel/initrd.

Let's add DSL-4.4.10 to the iso-2 ways-

Extract the ISO-USB-KIT.iso to a folder.

Extract the DSL-4.4.10.iso to a folder.

move the KNOPPIX folder to the ISO-USB-KIT folder.

Move the linux24(kernel) and minirt24.gz(initrd) from the DSL/boot folder to the ISO-USB-KIT/boot folder.

open the isolinux.cfg from the ISO-USB-KIT/boot/isolinux folder and add the entries you want from the DSL isolinux.cfg-
In the example below, you must add "MENU LABEL" so that menu.c32 from the ISO-USB-KIT can show it on the boot menu.
Note the "initrd=/boot/minirt24.gz" on the APPEND line.

KERNEL /boot/linux24
APPEND ramdisk_size=100000 init=/etc/init lang=us apm=power-off vga=791 initrd=/boot/minirt24.gz nomce noapic quiet BOOT_IMAGE=knoppix

You may have to add "knoppix_dir=KNOPPIX" to the append line if DSL can't find itself during boot.

Now, save the isolinux.cfg and do the same for syslinux.cfg if you wanna boot off usb.

Also, anytime you edit/save a .cfg file, enable "show hidden files" in your file browser(under "View"), and you will see a ghostly backup file
appear with a "~" after the name-example, isolinux.cfg~
You must delete these or they will corrupt the new files!

Hope that helps, please register at the forum if you have problems or wanna help out!

linus72 05-05-2009 05:04 PM

Damn it Jim!
I just found an error in ISO-USB-KIT!

It only affects the usb side so please just open the syslinux.cfg in the /boot/syslinux folder and edit the TTY entries so that they read thusly-

"KERNEL /boot/vmlinuz"

Very sorry about that, my bad.
It originally reads "KERNEL /boot/isolinux/vmlinuz", please change it and all is well!

At least I got the isolinux.cfg right...

linus72 05-05-2009 05:22 PM

OK-uploading the NEW kit now, I fixed the USB and the menu.

I am going to upload it now, and suspend the link, please wait till 6PM Eastern to download!

linus72 05-05-2009 06:29 PM

OK-it's fixed now-Ready for download!

linus72 05-08-2009 09:43 AM

New Beta Release LSAKUSB-v4.19.tar.bz2
New bad ass release at!


It features-

1-Avira-Anti-Virus LiveCD




5-DSL-4.4.10 + Qemu-Persistent-Kit

6-DSL-N-01RC4 (Qemu-DSL plays on DSL-N too!)

7-Feather-0.7.5 (Qemu-DSL plays on Feather too!)

8-NetbootCD-3.0 (net-install any major distro!)

9-TinyCore-1.3 (the new DSL)

10-TTY-8.0-Linux (console mini-linux with lots of power!)



13-several different Memtest's


15-Plop Bootmanager



18-NT-Password (NT, XP, Vista)

And also includes xtras found in the "Others" menu!

Comes up to 960MB and runs off USB or can be easily made into a ISO image for DVD with the use of a script, one for Linux and one for Windows.

This is a BETA, everything boots and plays from USB, and I did my best to eliminate any problems.

With TTY, DSL, DSL-N, and Feather you can run as root and do anything.
Pentoo can do security testing and grml is like a super KNOPPIX.

You can play the Qemu-DSL-Persistent in DSL, DSL-N, and Feather!

Like so-

Insert USB and reboot into LSAK menu.
Choose DSL, DSL-N, or Feather at the menu and boot.

When the DSL/DSL-N/Feather Desktop loads, open a root terminal from the menu and find out where the USB is mounted.(most likely /cdrom, /mnt/cdrom, etc)
CD into the USB with "cd /cdrom"
And then "./"

Qemu-DSL should start and load Qemu-DSL-Persistent!
If in Feather, you may have to re-mount /dev/shm or similar-it will tell you.

Once the Qemu-DSL desktop loads-(beautiful wallpaper huh?), open firefox, and my homepage will load!

To install an app/theme, etc, open the mydsl browser and install something, anything.

Then, choose exit from the menu and choose "shutdown" and make sure the "backup" box is checked. Wait till it stops and disappears.

Now, again invoke dsl's!)/or; and when the desktop laods whatever you installed will be there! Persistence!

If, after installing a mydsl app, etc; something doesn't load right or when trying to use mydsl browser you get a message "gremlins in the intranets", whatever you installed at last shutdown will not work or something.

To fix this, remove the app, etc in hdb you installed, and remove the "backup.tar.gz" too.

I installed jre and it doesn't work right(example), cd into "/mnt/hdb" and remove jre and the md5sum.txt too-
"rm -r mydsl/jre.dsl" "rm -r mydsl/jre-md5sum.txt" "rm -r backup.tar.gz"

Now, again use the menu and shutdown, BUT this time, DO NOT CHECK THE BACKUP BOX, and after shutdown, restart, etc and DSL will load from the previous boot before you installed jre!!

Need help with anything, join the forum at and post your questions!

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