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Iriel 09-22-2003 10:44 PM

New NVIDIA problems. yay!
Okay, after spending a while to get my USB drives mounted, I've got a new problem with installing my new NVIDIA drivers:

After I run;

I get this;

Verifying archive integrity... _

and that underscore (cursor) just blinks as nothing happens for hours if I let it.

any ideas?

DrOzz 09-22-2003 11:08 PM

are you following the proper steps

did you exit the X server...did you get that package from a third party site(could be corrupted:confused: ?) did you try the version previous, and see if it does the same?

Iriel 09-22-2003 11:22 PM

X server won't even start on my machine until I get the new drivers on. I'm working with a GeForce FX 5200, so I haven't even been able to set up an account other than root.

As far as the drivers are concerned, I got them from NVIDIA's webpage

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