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nasim751 01-24-2008 01:20 AM

new Linux user
i am new Linux user.i got some warning message when compiling my program. the warning is :

1. <warning: comparison between pointer and integer >
if (((b ? rn->r : rn->l) == pt_new(MIN_KEY_BIT - 1, NULL, NULL, c)) == NULL).

2. <warning: implicit declaration of function ‘time’ >
char *get_time()
int i;
time_t t;
static char buf[26];

t = time((time_t *)NULL);(******* IN HERE****)
strcpy(buf, ctime(&t));
please give me feedback.

dv502 01-24-2008 01:37 AM

Welcome to LQ!

I think your post is more suitable in the linux programming forums.

What program are you trying to install?

What distro are you using? Most likely they have the program in their package manager. Also some distros don't install compiling tools. You might need to install them.

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