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arashi256 09-08-2011 04:42 PM

Network user authentication advice?
I have a Linux home network (okay, it's got a rather powerful Windows 7 machine for gaming too) and I'm wondering about user accounts and home directories.

I have an ethernet-wired Fedora 15 server in my loft wired to my wireless router. Obviously, it has my user account and home directory on it. I also have a Scientific Linux 6 laptop connected via WiFi. I'd like to have my server-based user account and home directory available on my SL6 laptop. What's the best way? This is for my home network and my router firewall is set up so none of my Samba shares are available outside my network. Because of this, I was thinking of using NIS to export my user account and home directory to my laptop from the server. Would this be sufficient or should I look into OpenLDAP?

Also, if I went the OpenLDAP route, could I use it to also hold my Windows 7 user account and Windows-associated user directory to simulate Active Directory stuff?

Basically, I'm thinking of using my Fedora server as my main "thing" and have all my computers get my user accounts and data through that.

Obviously, Windows complicates this a bit as some Windows programs are installed in the normal Windows manner even though the install directory is in my Windows user account directory tree.

How to proceed guys? The Windows machine is already connected to the Fedora server via Samba and storing the user credentials for the Linux-centric login details in Windows Credentials Manager so the mount points happen at Windows login. This allows me access to my Linux server from Windows for certain directories, but I feel I could do more with this. Thoughts?

chrism01 09-08-2011 07:29 PM

LDAP sounds about right to me. There's a good home networking HOWTOs site here

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