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network problem in redhat 4
Dear experts

iam new on linux environment.. in one of our clinet's working environment, they are using redhat 4 server . nearly 60 client machines are connected with this server. some times network disconnected automatically. if we restart rhe server it automatically starts to work. again 2 or 3 days , the same senario is happening. on this server 2 database is running, it makes lot of problem to us.

what will be the problem ??

is any connection parameter is there ? (ie i mean only 50 numbers of client connection is only allowed like.) or any problem in NIC card or NIC driver.. please help me as soon as possible

with thanks and regards

evo2 03-02-2010 02:25 AM

Please don't repost the same question in a new thread. This will most likely just annoy people causing them to ignore your posts.

You should start by reading the server log files.

You state that you "restart the server"? Why? Does simply restarting the network interface not bring the connection back up?

This could be a hardware issue: Have you tried replacing the network device?


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