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tiopablo 08-21-2003 04:12 AM

network problem - cant use instant messaging
good day!

i am a newbie and i have installed mandrake 9.1 on my desktop computer at work... my problem is that i can't use any instant messaging for the reason that i cant seem to connect to the network's proxy server. I have set up my browser to use the proxy server and i can surf the net...but with instant messaging like yahoo messenger i can't connect to its server.

i've tried to ping the proxy server and it failed.

could anyone give me any explanation(s) or suggestion(s) on what i should do to resolve this problem.

thanks in advance.

Azmeen 08-21-2003 04:16 AM

tiopablo 08-21-2003 04:26 AM


thanks for the reply, i have read the link and tried it but it seems the ymessenger that i have doesn't have the edit menu...i could see the preference but as for the things being stated i could not find it...just the proxy settings...

thanks again.

tiopablo 08-21-2003 04:28 AM

its not just the ymessenger that i am encountering the problem as well as GAIM i usually encounter the same problem..

while pinging the proxy server i could not receive any replies from the server.

Azmeen 08-21-2003 05:49 AM

Wait a minute... you can't even ping your gateway? Then your YM should not be your primary concern...

Could u even browse the net using your workstation?

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