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kinshuk_sahaya 08-07-2003 01:33 AM

net connection
hi all
I am an absolute newbie using a madrake 8.2
whenever i connect to the net the "networking monitoring"" shows the message not connected.,connection failed but I do get connected(using a dial up). I also cant disconnect ,have to switch off the modem to do so.
also how do i select my home page to be 'blank'?
thanx for all the help.

p.s. is it just me or the net really works fast on a mandrake??????compared to windows.

darthtux 08-22-2003 12:48 AM

1. I don't know about your monitoring software

2. You can kill the internet connection by either using kppp or as root
kill -9 [PID number of pppd]

3. Which browser? Most have some type of options or preferences in one of menus at the top of the screen.

4. My internet connection has always been faster on Linux.

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