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STEBEL 10-19-2005 05:32 AM

Needing advice on a project
Hello everybody

As I am newbie to linux my current task that is ahead of me makes me feel unsure at many points. That's why I need some advice from You.

I will be writing some sort of "web warden" which has to fulfill these demads :

1. Enable a user to register a web site address
2. The time new web site is registered the system component loads it content and saves for future.
3. The service connects to the saved sites on regular basis (defined by the user for each site) and seeks for differences. If any encountered it saves them making some sort of "history of changes"
4. The differences would be then presented via web site interface.

What I plan to do is :
1. service - daemon type under linux written in C
2. main interface - php based site - saving results in mySQL database or in files in directories per user
3. Login mechanism for users
4 . CGI perl scripts to communicate between php and daemon and deamon and php

what I was adviced up to now is to use cgi-wrapper mechanism and HTML::Parser perl module.

as I have little experience in linux programming I'd like to know Your opinion on possible ways of solving that and if I can succeed in doing it via my plan.

What's more - how can I go through communication beteween daemon and cgi perl script via both ways ?

Many thanks for any information :)

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