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martinlangley 09-04-2009 06:47 PM

need to connect a scsi drive

I'm running SUSE 5.2 and have an adaptek aha1505
scsi controller with an old 1 GB HP disk attached.

The disk is formatted with dos and is recognized fine
when dos is booted but I need guidance as to how to
connect it to my running Linux MC booted from the
native EIDE disk.

Where to start?? I'm inclined to look at kernel
configurations but I'm still using one of the
"off the shelf" kernels and haven't had the pleasure
of compliing a custom kernel yet.

What's the simplest method pls?



You probably won't need to do anything but load the appropriate module, if the kernel doesn't automatically do it for you

(something like modprobe aha152x, and possibly vfat, msdos if they're also not automatically loaded) and mount with something like mount /dev/sdd /mnt/dos.

You *might* need to feed the kernel some parameters at boot time like:
aha152x=0x340,12,6,1, or with modprobe aha152x aha152x=0x340,12,7,1 depending on which IO port, etc. the thing is on (i.e. 0x340 in this example, IRQ 12, SCSI ID 6, reconnect 1)

Hope that helps a bit, haven't connected scsi for years..
This looked helpful:


Making progress here, think I've got the scsi card recognized by
the kernel one way or another.

Problem now is how to associate the drive attached with a special
device file so I can use "mount" etc

Is there a command which will allow the drive to be accessed via
the scsi card or should I maybe specify the special device
file in the conf.modules file?

I'm still using SUSE Linux 5.2


michaelk 09-04-2009 11:02 PM

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