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nish191 05-17-2009 09:17 AM

Need help in project : Audio & Video in Linux.
I am working on project of audio and video in linux.
In this i have to compare different audio,video players in linux.
And need to give survey on which file formats they don't support & why.
eg.Some player don't support mp3 .
Also i have to study alsa architecture for sound drivers.
Please,suggest me some audio and video players on which i can give report.
Also suggest me some links for relevant topics.
I am not able to understand alsa so please send me any documents or tutorials if you have....

pixellany 05-17-2009 09:31 AM

Some search strings to try on Google:
  • Linux audio players
  • Linux video players
  • audio formats
  • video formats
  • audio formats linux
  • video formats linux
  • alsa
  • proprietary formats legal issues

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