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yank_ 01-12-2001 06:20 PM

Some general questions:

What are the SRPMS (source RPMs ?? ) for

When upgrading Redhat 7.0 .. do I need to use just the i386 rpms.. or do I need to use the SRPMS as well?

When leaving xwindows, the screen turns black. I can still seem to use it.. i just can't see what im doing. If I 'shutdown -h now' the computer seems to initiate the shutdown command. If I type 'startx' it goes back into xwindows without a problem. What could be causing this and how do I fix it?

Please also read the message I posted here:

Having problems with that stupid FA311 card and RH 7.0

Thanks alot,
-- Yank_

ssadams 01-13-2001 12:05 AM

srpms are the source code.You use them with the command
rpm --rebuild nameofprogram.src.rpm
You dont need them to upgrade RedHat.
As for your X problem...I dont have a clue.It sounds like something is hanging your X-server and not switching you to a vga display?

yank_ 01-13-2001 07:21 PM

so what is the purpose of the source rpms?
whats the difference of the srpms and the i386 rpms?

ssadams 01-13-2001 09:53 PM

Thiswill explain it quite nicely :)

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