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mongrel boy 12-18-2008 11:38 AM

need help adjusting fan speed settings in Ubuntu 8.10
Hello, hopefully it's OK to post Ubuntu questions on here??!!
My problem is that Im finding it hard to follow some instructions on the following page:

Although I have got everything the way I like I'm just too beginner to understand the instructions on "Manual Fan Speed Control"
Firstly, how do I install applesmc? And what is it by the way?
Secondly I just need a step by step break down of the instructions. I know this makes me sound a little stupid!!
Here's a copy of the text from the page:
This assumes you have already installed applesmc.

sudo modprobe applesmc
echo applesmc | sudo tee -a /etc/modules

Copy the files to your home dir: fan_speed1 , fan_speed2 , fan_speed3

And to execute: gksu bash ~/fan_speed1 (...2 or 3)

To see the fan speed, Enable 'Left Side' and 'Right Side' in the Sensors Applet Preferences.

I just need this in more simple terms. As in: Type this, then open this then type this and so on and so forth. I hope someone out there can help me as its the only thing left I need to do to have everything the way I like/need.
I'm using a macbook pro 1.1 with ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid
I have the Hardware Systems Monitor installed and running.
Can anyone shed some light on critical temperatures for me? When should I be giving her a rest?

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