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gatomeno 11-11-2003 07:22 PM

need detailed info for mandrake 9.0 recommended install
I didn't find any answers to my particular problem, so I'm submitting this thread. I installed mandrake a few weeks ago with the help of some guys in this forum, but when i rebooted my pc i had a boot error (07 appeared on the whoel screen). I had to repair the mbr using fdisk and the winxp pro CD. Anyway, this is my setup:
1- 60 GB HD (that came installed with the comp (DELL) so I guess it's hda??
1- 120GB HD that I installed the other day, partitioned 40GB for linuxext2 and 80GB NTFS (used partition magic) (someone told me i have to have a swap file partition, someone else told me the mandrake installer does it automatically...)I'm guessing this is hdb?
Ok, so I went through the first couple of steps in the installer, told it to use the existing partitions. I don't think it asked me for mount points...if it does what do i enter?
Then it started installing, changed CDs, set up the root password, entered my info, etc. When i got to bootloader i chose grub. It asked me where to install it, and this is my main problem. Where do I put it hda,hdb??? I don't want to corrupt my mbr again.
I want to make this a WINXP pro linux mandrake dual boot system.
If anyone can tell me which drive i should install grub to I would appreciate it. Preferably in as much detail, since I'm not familiar with linux and wouldn't know the simplest thing...
Thanks a lot.


If anyone need more info to help me, just let me know...

Peacedog 11-11-2003 07:55 PM

i'm still very new myself, but, i use lilo, and that may be a temporary solutution until you become more familiar with linux. other than that here are some useful links.

good luck.

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