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mutable 11-28-2007 03:05 PM

nbsmtp cannoct connect to Gmail SMTP, but Evolution can? why?
I'm trying to set up nbsmtp (tool similar to nullmailer or ssmtp, sendmail compatible, SMTP relay). So far I've used just Evolution, but now I want to try mutt. I compiled nbsmtp with SSL support. I have problems when connecting to Gmail SMTP server over SSL. From school network I tried this:

/usr/local/bin/nbsmtp -V -h -f -U -P 'fish' -p 587 -s -S < mail/postponed
and it sent my email.
However It doesn't work when I'm on college network. Maybe this port is filered on firewall. I tried:

$ sudo nmap -p587
587/tcp closed submission

(Correct me if i used incorrect options please)

So I tried to change port number to 465. But when I run it, it just prints

Creating SSL connection to host (
and then waits too long.

So I tried to send mail from Evolution where I have configured Gmail SMTP server over SSL (to which I can connect) and then compared results from netstat:

$ netstat -tpn
tcp        0      0 x.x.x.x:37758      ESTABLISHED18340/nbsmtp       
tcp        0    27 x.x.x.x:56751      ESTABLISHED18166/evolution

I have set '' as SMTP server in Evolution and I also tried to use both IPs with nbsmtp, but neither works.

However it is same with port 465 when I'm in school network.

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