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catkin 01-12-2009 11:53 PM

Nautilus: change symlink behaviours?
Hello :-)

Is it possible to change Nautilus' symbolic link behaviours? Specifically:
  • Name: when Nautilus is used to create a symlink to foo it creates the name "Link to foo". Can this behaviour be changed to give the symlink the same name as its target, just plain "foo"?
  • Icon: Nautilus' main pane displays symlink icons without the link emblem (an arrow). Can this behaviour be changed to add the link emblem? (Nautilus adds the link emblem on symlink icons in the tree pane, just not in the main pane).
  • Permissions: for symlinks, Nautilus displays the permissions of the target. Arguably this is more useful than displaying the permissions of the symlink which are always rwxrwxrwx. Can this behaviour be changed to display the permissions of the symlink?
Environment: Nautilus 2.22.51 on ubuntu 8.04.1.



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