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pathak 09-20-2004 04:39 AM

" my mozilla browser is not working"
i am a new user of linux today i had faced aproblem my mozilla web browser is not working if i click on icon it says starting mozilla but nothing opens it might be deleted ihad fedora installed on my ibm think center machine please provide me help

jax8 09-20-2004 04:45 AM

try deleting the .mozilla folder in you home drive like this

rm -Rf ~/./mozilla

BenODen 10-04-2004 01:23 PM

What version of mozilla do are you running?

I think there may be a sleeping issue with 1.7.3, but I can't rule out a PEBCAK on my part... Others seem to have related issues, but I'm not sure about if they're intentionally pushing the envelope to the bleeding edge of FC2...


P.S. The other thread with moz 1.7.3 is: threadid 234898
Mozilla Thread

rakriege 10-04-2004 01:35 PM

run it from its path line ie. --- usr/local/./mozilla ---
if that works the you path listed in the properties of you icon are incorrect

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