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saivin 05-22-2009 11:50 AM

Mutt: Only one of the two IMAP accounts opening.
Hi all,
I'm having problem accessing two imap accounts. I tried to get help from #mutt channel. But it seems its a low traffic channel. No replies...

I have two mail accounts on the same domain. I want access them with IMAP. Most of the links I tried talk about using account-hook. The following are my account-hook lines:

account-hook . 'unset imap_user; unset imap_pass'

account-hook imap:// 'set imap_user="me1"'
folder-hook imap:// 'set folder="imap://"'

account-hook imap:// 'set imap_user="me2"'
folder-hook imap:// 'set folder="imap://"'

Now, the problem is only the second imap account opens! I mean with the above setting only account 'me2' opens. If I make first account-hook line 'me2' and second set as 'me1', account 'me1' opens!

So, its not that IMAP is not working for me. Its that the first account mentioned is not opening. What could be wrong. Kindly guide me.

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