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divorce3 12-25-2004 11:14 PM

murdered mysteriously
Red Hat 7

At the end of the boot sequence I get:
according to /var/run/, was already running (768), but seems to have been murdered mysteriously.

This message keeps flashing on and off, each time it comes on, the same message is added to the previous one but with a larger number in the

During the shut down sequence it shows: x server failed, lpd failed.

I need some help please. Thanks

btmiller 12-26-2004 12:31 AM

It appears that the gdm program didn't have time to clean itself up (unclean shutdown?) and thus left its PID file (/var/run/ file lying around, which gdm notices when it tries to restart. Usually this sort of thing is harmless, but if it keeps reappearing (that larger number is the Process ID written to the PID file) it may mean that gdm keeps crashing when it tries to start. Check your system log files (in /var/log) to see if there's anything there that may help.

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