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nobodyhere 08-13-2005 01:23 PM

Multiple Xterminal Control
Hi, I'm a newbie to linux, but I'm not sure how simple the answer to this question is gonna be. I'm running debian (sarge - kernel 2.6.8) with the basic x windows server (the one you get with "apt-get install x-window-system"). I'm looking for a terminal command that inputs into an existing terminal. For example: I open up one xterm, then I run "xterm -e lynx" to load lynx in another xterm. Now I want to use the initial x-terminal to control (feed commands into) the newly opened lynx x-terminal (so I'm surfing the web remotely). I think theres one command like "xterm -Sccn" but it's very technical and the documentation suggests it is rarely used.

I should probably explain why I want this done in case there is an easier way: I'm running perlbox-voice (speech recognition software) and it can open a browser (in a new xterm) on command, but it'll be really cool to have it surf the net by voice as well. Unfortunately, perlbox-voice cannot open lynx in the original xterm window from which it was called (it needs the original xterm to run), it can only issue a single command for each speech command (I'm guessin it just does "xterm -e lynx" to open the browser). I'd like to program it to feed new instructions (eg Up, Down, PgUp, PgDn, letters of the alphabet, Return etc) to the opened lynx xterm terminal. (Look Ma, No Hands! :) )

any input would be appreciated. thanks.

nobodyhere 08-14-2005 09:09 AM

ok update... here's what I found out so far. There is a program out there that comes very close to what I need: It's called multixterm and it comes with expect (which is another fantastic program). Basically it uses a gui to open multiple xterminals, then anything you write in the gui appears on the child xterms (you cna also tweak each child xterm individually - you can imagine how useful this program is for debugging). The problem is the gui part, it's gonna be extremely hard to operate a gui with voice commands.
The main feature I need from multixterm is a command called xtermSend. Does anyone know how I can get this to work w/o multixterm? (ie make xtermSend on of my terminal commands???)

There must be a way to do this (I mean, come on!, this is linux :) ).. I need to pass commands from a parent terminal to a child terminal, anyone done this before?


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