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workerfly 09-06-2002 02:25 PM

Multiple Operating Systems
Hello, I have Windows Me, on one partition. I have Windows 2000 on another partition which I am running VMware. On VMware I installed RedHat 7.2, and also installed Mandrake 8.2. I can switch from either version while both are running. Now I am new to Linux, but I really want to learn about it, so I thought that the best way was to try out both flavors of the many that are out there. Now my question is how do I connect to the Net? I have AOL right now which I hate, but my kids love it (why I don't know). I also have DSL through them, but I am looking into a Static Connection so that I have the same IP address each time. Is there anywhere I can learn about Linux, and set up my internet through the two Linux flavors I have installed? I would greatly appreciate any response from anyone out there. Thank You very much..........workerfly

Mara 09-06-2002 04:15 PM

In Mandrake it's quite easy when using Mandrake Control Center.
The method of configuration depends on the connection you use.
For dialup you need a driver for your modem (can be with your system, but may be not, so you may need to search for it in the Net). When the driver is installed, use one of the diallers (like kppp) and set up your account.
DSL with non-static address: you need to configure DHCP-client side (maybe something more, it depends on the provider, I don't use AOL so I don't know). For more info, please look there:
Static connection: depends on the connection.

lynch 09-06-2002 04:24 PM

I dont use AOL either,but I did see this at yolinux.Might be worth checking out.
Good luck;)

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