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m.a.l.'s pa 07-27-2014 09:49 AM


Originally Posted by boog321 (Post 5210298)
You wouldn't recommend someone learn how to swim by jumping off a ship into the ocean, so no need to do the same with installing Linux by trying to cram a multi-multi boot system into learning. Have to take the smaller steps first :-)

Well, I agree with this. If a person really wants to set up a multi-boot system, there's a great deal to learn, and you definitely need to understand some basic things. And then I think you have to dive in and struggle through it, and take good notes, and eventually things will start to sink in and you'll get to a point where it really isn't that difficult to set up a multi-boot system. But you really have to do your homework first.

I'd say to just focus on adding a second distro, in a dual-boot set-up, and getting that to work first.

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