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thomas_r 01-05-2009 04:55 PM

Multiple displays problem - OpenSuSE 11.1
Trying to get multiple displays running under OpenSUSE 11.1 AMD64.

Display #1: 1280x1024 LCD connected to motherboard integrated ATI Radeon 3200.

Display #2: 1280x1024 LCD connected to ATI Radeon 3450 PCIe card.

I do not need particularly robust 3D acceleration or ATI CCC functionality, so I would be fine if I can get the open source Radeon drivers to work and stretch the display across 2 monitors (each on a different video card).

When running sax2 configuration utility, I see no way to add a second video card. The Radeon 3200 is there but the 3450 is nowhere to be found. The YaST Hardware Information screen shows that both adapters are found and identified correctly, but the second one doesn't appear in sax2.

Do I need to make manual changes to xorg.conf in order to enable the second display adapter?

I tried installing the latest (proprietary) Radeon drivers from the AMD website according to the howto found elsewhere on this site, but things fell apart near the end (when trying to verify the install using fglrxinfo) and KDE wouldn't restart. I had backed up the original copy of xorg.conf but restoring from that didn't work ... are there additional files I should have backed up?

thorkelljarl 01-06-2009 10:03 AM

For clarification

You wrote "stretch". Do you want one image, with one half on one screen and the other half on the other?

Did you try to reconfigure your graphics by using the command <sax2 -r> in a terminal and trying the options there or did you use sax2 in YAST?

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