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gopherCG 04-30-2002 06:18 AM

Multibooting Win2000 and Linux
I have Win 2000 on my first drive plus several file partitions and a partition for XOSL. And I have my Linux Mandrake 8.2 on my second drive (slave), with a Linux boot partition, a Linux main part., and a Linux swap part.

I could configure XOSL to multiboot win or Linux, but selecting Linux, XOSL returns me to the black screen and says booting Mandrake Linux... But nothing happens afterwards. Is there a security thing or am I booting the wrong place (both boot part and Linux main doesn't boot)?

I've managed to "multiboot" by pulling power lines off and back on, but I hope this can be easier :( .

Note that I did not choose expert mode while installing Linux. And I don't know what bootloaders in Linux are for when they don't even execute, like LILO, Grub, and Syslinux. I've set LILO up (correctly?). So what exactly do these programs do?

I want to try to have booting software from the win/dos region because I'm afraid LILO will intimidate me with coding and guessing among these wierd partition names such as /dev/hda/, /sda, /bda1 etc.


pbharris 04-30-2002 12:33 PM

i don't use MS windows - here are soem people who have, yopu may also wish to seach linuxquestions forums for dual booting

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