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culaterout 02-28-2012 04:55 PM

Multi Usb Stick!
Goal: is to use the Distro for a MultiUsb Stick for fixing all types of systems.

Found articles that keep saying Slitaz is best Small Distro.

Problems: Hardware

Slitaz doesn't recongize my Wifi card out the box.

Plans: Testing Distro's

Like Backtrack 5, everything works out the box.

Distro hopping: Looking at Porteus, finnix, Absolute Linux, Crunchbang, System Rescue Disk, Trinity Rescue Kit, Puppy, GhostBSD, Salix and AntiX.

Still the Command Line is the Ultimate package installer for tools against viruses, Penetration tests, Wifi signals and script editing.

I also find most of the tools in Hiren CD to be useless. I have lots of tools not listed in any of these

package IT tools that do a far better job of repairing Windows systems either linux tools or industrial

standard IT tools.

So if you have any good ideas for a Linux Distro that is a live Distro that u prefer please tell.

I also have 2 computers running 2 ghz dual-core cpu's. Both systems are less then 2 years old.

One is a Compaq computer other is Acer.

Reason for this sudden interest in Computer repair is room mate is attending college and her boyfriend is
downloading viruses and Sampling a bunch of freeware daily on her windows laptop. He has downloaded in less than 2 weeks 3 viruses. 1 trojan horse, 1 worm and bunch of trackers. Lots of spyware.

lisle2011 02-28-2012 09:03 PM

I don't get it
Your roommates boyfriend is using your roommates laptop and infecting it. This so atrocious I can hardly believe it. NO-ONE but me uses any of my computers. Work machines are a different kettle of fish because someone (the IT gal) is in control. Wipe the computer and re-install the OS and advise in a nice way your roommate that she is being abused by her erstwhile careless boyfriend. Don't ever lend him your car or even your bike. Care for your stuff, tell her this.

If I helped at all give me a pat on the back (add to my reputation)

jefro 02-29-2012 07:23 PM

The main issue here is that her/ (his?) windows system is not being run in a secure manner. Best practices such as a good security suite, running in limited user accounts, updating system, strong passwords, (physical access) and maybe a good hosts file and others tend to prevent this sort of issue.

I would suggest that person needs to reload the OS from OEM media, get updates and a good security suite on it and follow as many best practices as they can. Some of the rootkits out there can't be found by any known method. Some laptops have great drive encryption to prevent access and there are some apps to secure that drive. Just remember the password.

To allow the stupid to download stuff, they ought to only allow to boot to a live cd/dvd. That may not prevent all instances. Those illegal download sites and porn sites are some of the worst places to click on.

Personally I prefer a BartsPE or UBCD4Win cd or VistaPE disk with current tools to repair windows. has some great how-to's on making usb flash drives. Not sure some of your choices are good at all for recovery use.

Guess they could just demand the person to stop. Never seems to work out in real life.

EDDY1 02-29-2012 10:12 PM

Hiren's boot cd has many useful tools, but they expire like 9 mos after downloading cd.
So in order to use some of the good tools you have to download every 9 mos.

culaterout 03-01-2012 03:54 PM

Thanks for the Advice!

I will use a A cocktail of tools to delete problems with Laptop.

Still dont want to mess with it to much She has a 3 year extended warranty even though Sams Club and HP have terrible support. She called them yesterday and transfered her to department to get someone to do a housecall and they disconnected the phone call after 3 hours of trying to help. Worst he wasn't American and kept asking stupid questions.

The fan that cools the hardware is broke can hear it gridding against the Laptop. HP TECH tells her to check the bios to see how hot it is. Then tries to advice her to use a compressor on the hole to blow air in the laptop. Not can of compressed air. But an actual compressor. Then goes on to ask her to unscrew the laptop and look inside at the fan. Lmao

Funny, she got very defensive and fast. College student who is majoring in Nursing and he wants her to play Hasbro's "Operation" Board Game.

Welcome to HP Phone Support were every call is like Operation!

Please Press 1 .

You are know talking to a HP tech my name is ELF.

I speak very bad english and will help you with or New AT.HOME.REPAIR (AHR).

For the price of your laptop pls remove the "wish bone fan" without touching the sides of the computer while it is still powered on.

Gray Smoke sorry Better Luck next time.

ELF let them Know what they won

After Voiding your warranty you have the choice of going back to sams club and buy a new laptop for the same price or greater with no discount.

Thank you for playing the "Wacky IT Support by Hasbro Packer".

Were every option leads you one step closer to Electric Shock.

PLS stay on the line and take a quick survey and let us know how are AHR or At Home Repair Game went.


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