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RLBaldwin 04-26-2001 08:30 AM

I am a new Red Hat Linux 7.0 user. I dual boot with Windows ME and have two monitors that I use with the Windows OS. I would like to use the two monitors with Linux. I have done some exploration on the web on how to do this, and found Dennis Baker's explanation about how he set his computer up with two monitors--however, I am a newbie and need a little more guidance about how to set this up. Anyone out there willing to give me a hand?
Thanks, Robert

My system has:
AGP NVIDIA RIVA TNT (video card #1)
PCI Video-107 PCI/AGP Blade 3D (video card #2)
Monitor #1 Nokia 447L (17inch monitor)
Monitor #2 CTX 1562ES (15inch monitor)

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