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nazarioz 06-12-2005 05:53 PM

mp3record producing soundless files
I installed recently mp3record under RedHat 9. I tried to record and it produces an mp3 file. The file produced has a considerable size and some information on it, as I can see by trying to look at its contents with emacs. Nonetheless, there is absolutely no sound when I try to play it with xmms, mplayer, or even if I try to play it on a windows machine. It seems to be playing, but no sound ever comes out.

I should point out that I can play mp3's on my linux machine with xmms and it works perfectly with any file, except for those created with mp3record. I can also convert other formats to mp3 using lame and those mp3's play well too. So the problem is with mp3record alone.

Can someone please help me solve this?

kencaz 06-12-2005 09:25 PM

What is it that you are attempting to record? Is it from your Line-In or streaming from the web? I have heard of a simillar problem of mp3record producing blank files but have not used it myself...


nazarioz 06-12-2005 09:43 PM


nazarioz 06-12-2005 09:44 PM

I am trying to record a stream from the web, but it is not working :-(

kencaz 06-12-2005 09:50 PM

I use Mplayer for that. It's a 2 step process but works very well.

Here Mplayer is capturing a stream from Jack JM radio station and dumping the file to raw.pcm in my $HOME directory:

mplayer -cache 128 -vc dummy -vo null -ao pcm -aofile ~/raw.pcm

Then I convert the raw.pcm file to jack_fm.mp3:

lame -b 32 -m m -f --tt "Broadcast_stream" --ta "Jack_FM" ~/raw.pcm ~/jack_fm.mp3

Lame even creates the tags for you. I use it with Cron to setup broadcasts that I want to record daily or weekly.


nazarioz 06-12-2005 10:13 PM

Mplayer is great. I love it. I use it too to record whole streams, start to end. But most of the times I just want to record some specific part of the stream only. That desired part is not usually at the beginning of the stream but somewhere in between. Mplayer does not allow me to do that, or I should say better I do not know about it. So I do not have the flexibility of starting and stopping the recording whenever I want, which mp3record allows (and it turns out to be pretty convenient when you only want 10 minutes in the middle of a 2 hour show...). That is why I want to find out how to solve this problem with mp3record.

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