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mrvikki 07-21-2004 02:06 PM

mozilla won't import outlook express email
Hi For some reason the mozilla help file seems to think i can import outlook express email (I just switched to slackware 10 from windows 2000) Anyway, I go to the tools|import function where it should let me import mail and it will only let me import from communicator 4.x. Is there a reason the help says outlook, outlook express, eudora, et al. should be there but only communicator 4.x is an option?


hob 07-21-2004 04:35 PM

It may be that those options only work on a Windows system - I know that exporting from Outlook generally requires a copy of Outlook to be on the machine.

Electro 07-21-2004 06:09 PM

Try using Kmail or Firefox.

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