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metoome 03-11-2004 03:08 AM

mozilla not opening on double clicking..?
hello all

i have installed Red Hat 9 ..and i found that it had mozilla 1.2
so i downloaded mozilla 1.6 and installed it

/usr/local/mozilla/mozilla/mozilla...( this is the path given to propeties of the icon which is on panel button) so when i click on it opens ...

but the problem is that i not able to open mozilla auto matically when i click on a html file viewing thru file manager which has a mozilla icon ......

and one more strange thing happening is that it is able to open the mozilla when i click on the html files to view................. provided if atleast one mozilla window is already open..

when i give a command $ whereis mozilla
i get

mozilla: /usr/bin/mozilla /usr/lib/mozilla /usr/lib/mozilla1.6 /usr/local/mozilla

i could understand that the path is probblem but still i am not able to get it..

Thank in advance..

rootyard 03-11-2004 06:37 PM

what exactly is your question? is it: how come mozilla doesn't start when i click on it's icon?

Are you sure the path to mozilla for the icon is /usr/local/mozilla/mozilla/mozilla? That would be totally wrong. As you can see from the results of your whereis query, mozilla is at /usr/bin/mozilla. You should be able to look at the properties menu of your icon and under the 'execution' tab, just put in "/usr/bin/mozilla". The icon is really only a link to an app or file that has already been set (by you or your install).

If I didn't get your question right, just re-ask it in a question form.

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