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mannnetobbelob 01-13-2003 05:33 AM

why does my mozilla web-browser close itself everytime i start it up??

tundra 01-13-2003 06:18 AM

uh that's kinda vague... not sure what the problem is. mebbe u could try giving a few details?

e.g. what version of mozilla are u using? what distro?

mannnetobbelob 01-13-2003 06:37 AM

when i open mozilla in the terminal it says
Gdk-error **: badwindow (invalid window parameter)
serial 5607 error_code 3 request_code 2 minor_code 0

Gdk-error **: badwindow (invalid window parameter)
serial 5608 error_code 3 request_code 61 minor_code 0

could this make you any wiser??

mannnetobbelob 01-13-2003 01:16 PM

please help me!!!

Edward78 01-13-2003 01:29 PM


mannnetobbelob 01-13-2003 01:35 PM

... maybe but in that case I have to reinstall my os cause I cant just reinstall mozilla, can I??
How do download another webbrowser from windows and later install it in linux?? is it possible??

jglen490 01-13-2003 04:27 PM


Originally posted by mannnetobbelob
... maybe but in that case I have to reinstall my os cause I cant just reinstall mozilla, can I??
How do download another webbrowser from windows and later install it in linux?? is it possible??

For your first question, yes you can reinstall mozilla without doing the whole OS. But the best thing to do is to uninstall mozilla and then re-install it from wherever you got it in the first place. The next logical question would be "How do I uninstall it?", and the answer to that really depends on what distro you are using. So we need that bit of info (i.e., Mandrake 9.0, RedHat <something>, Slack <whatever version>, Debian, etc.). Then you can re-load the mozilla software from your Linux install CDs, or a different (hopefully newer) version from a source on the 'net.

As for your downloading question, yes you can download a Linux app via Windows, burn it to a CD, or copy it to a floppy, or whatever is appropriate and then install it. I've done that a lot.

So let's just take it one step at a time!

tundra 01-14-2003 03:07 AM

there are usually installation and uninstallation manuals available on the app's website. since it's mozilla, check out

Alternatively, you may want to post up the distro you are using so that we can help u decide how to re-install it.

mannnetobbelob 01-14-2003 03:28 AM

i use redhat 8.0.
i have a cd to reinstall it from..
so how do i unistall mozilla??
because i really need a web browser to solve many problems i
have with linux,, etc. i need to mount my ntfs partition and i cant do that without a webbrowser.

lynch 01-14-2003 04:25 AM

rpm -e mozilla-version#

tundra 01-14-2003 06:32 AM

just a reminder... u most likely need to be root to execute that command...

and i think "rpm -e mozilla" will suffice.

xilent 01-14-2003 11:03 AM

I have this problem too!
Not that this is any help to anyone, but i recently installed SuSE 8.1 from via the FTP, when i installed Mozilla it laso closes straight away with no error message, i have uninstalled and reinstalled (using Yast2) several times, this also happened on previous installationsof SuSE 8.1, also my little free OS has decided that Konqueror will close without warning when linking to a Http address but works fine as the file manager,

anyone esle had any probs???

(ps- im now using Opera, which to be honest i prefer - i used it under Windoze and it was fast - seems to be even faster on linux),


LinzyNJ 04-02-2003 08:16 PM

I have a similar problem. I am running RH 8.0. I can only run Mozilla Browser if I am NOT logged in as the Root User. As soon as I try to log in as Root, the browser pops up but then disappears from the screen with no error message.


pablob 04-03-2003 06:49 AM

I'm using RH8. Run desktop as root.

You should uninstall RH's mozilla and install a fresh one.

With: rpm -qa|grep moz you can see what packages are installed.

Erase the ones beginning with 'mozilla..." (rpm -e packagename)

Get from

the files you need; mainly:


Install with: rpm -i filename.rpm
You must follow an order, so if mozilla-mail complaints about dependency with, say, mozilla-nss, the install that first.

LinzyNJ 04-04-2003 09:51 PM


your advice worked great! I uninstalled the Mozilla that was installed when I installed the OS and downloaded a completely new (full) version from the internet and re-installed it. it works fine now even when I am logged in as root. I guess there are reasons not to surf the net as ROOT but sometimes it is a pain to have to log out & log back in as a regular user when you are doing something.

Anyway it was good experience for this (and any other) newbie to have to do some uninstalling & reinstalling etc and tooling around to achieve some comfort level with Linux.


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