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akuhns 09-09-2009 12:41 PM

Mounting Bootable drive for file analysis
to the unix forum/guru's

Problem scope: I have a boot drive running Linux Red Hat Nash Version . After loading the physical volumes the device hangs and never loads the first module of the Linux grub.

It appears that this file has lost/damaged in the init file.

Using a host computer(or bootable drive master) for this drive. Is there an easy way to mount and check the files/and substructure of this drive by mounting it in sdb so it will act like a standard tree/file in the shell.

I require the lines of the symbolic links and the mtab/fstab modifications. Only issue is I only want to modify these files in a temporary or need-to basis. A script/module for a ls -a directory tree structure for $sdb would be great.

thank you,

markush 09-09-2009 03:28 PM

Hello akuhns,

you may boot your machine with a live-CD and the do a chroot into your system.
If your Linux is 32bit I'd recommend to use Slax. Otherwise there is a BW64 live-CD.


onebuck 09-09-2009 07:14 PM


Welcome to LQ!

You can use any LiveCD to boot your system. Your install CD should allow you to open another terminal that you could use to create a mount point for the partition in question. Once mounted you could then do a 'chroot';

After you get to the login then from the cli (command line);


~#mkdir /MY_temp                  #temporary mount point
~#mount /dev/your_device /My_temp  #the device you installed to
~#chroot /My_temp                  #change to yours

You should be able to modify or edit whatever is needed on this filesystem.

You can 'man commands' in the above example to get a full understanding of the commands and options.

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