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somebody 03-25-2002 07:03 AM

mount fat32
please help me!
i tried to mount a directory through network on a system formatted as fat32 with:
mount -t smbfs ....
linux says: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on... or too many mountet file systems

what is wrong with that command?

taz.devil 03-25-2002 12:14 PM

mount -t vfat /dev/hd(x) /mountpoint (for fat32 only)

I assume you know which number the harddrive partition or /device is and that you've created a mountpoint.

For fat32 you use vfat or use smbfs likewise for smbfs. You should have smbfs supported by the kernel but may need to load a module on startup so you can just put a line in your fstab. Try doing:

modprobe smbfs (if no, module not found type errors) then use:
lsmod (to list the modules and see if it's loaded and now try to mount the partition.

Hope it helped any...

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