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groover 04-04-2004 12:12 AM

Mount a partition to an existing folder
Is it possible to mount a partition to an existing folder? I'm trying to mount the new partition onto /usr/local but when I add it to fstab, it seems to over-ride the existing folder and it shows up empty. Is this the correct line to have in fstab?

/dev/hda2 /usr/local reiserfs defaults 1 2

Is what I'm asking even possible?

Thanks for the help ahead of time.


bosewicht 04-04-2004 12:18 AM

ok, so u want to move a "folder" to a new partition?? it sounds like u are mounting a empty partition

groover 04-04-2004 12:40 AM

Yes, It's a completely empty partion. I have to move the entire folder onto that drive? Is it as easy as cp -r?

bosewicht 04-04-2004 01:05 AM

yes, u should just be able to edit the fstab for ur new partition. be sure to move the files u want to a temp folder or something first. then either reboot or mount the new partition from the terminal

groover 04-04-2004 01:42 AM

That did the trick. Messed up my owners and groups on the files, but thats easy enough to fix. Thanks for the help!

bosewicht 04-04-2004 01:43 AM

no problem.....good luck

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