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J6044 04-29-2001 12:19 PM

Hey people. I am kinda new to Linux. Had 7.2, Just downloaded Mandrake 8.0 cuz I heard it has USB support. The biggest problem I have is getting online. If I could get online I could fix the other problems as I go.
I have an Alcatel Speedtouch USB modem. I have read numerous tutorials on doing this. It seems you have to install a couple RPM packages, and write scripts? I dont understand where the script goes. I want to get off this 98 machine and switch over, but I cant until i can get online.
Any help with settting this up is greatly appreciated. I have spent hours and hours on this and it still dont work.

The other problems are peripheral probs.

Could someone tell me about how and where drivers are loaded in Linux? Do these Rpm packages install automaticcaly when executed?

Alot of questions--just tryhing to crossover to the otherside.

rshaw 04-29-2001 08:42 PM

you might have to hack the kernal, i don't think usb modem support is enabled as it comes from mandrake. post again if you want me to give you the step by step.

Thymox 04-30-2001 04:35 AM

I've not a lot of (successful) experience with kernal hacking/recompiling/etc but I believe that that USB support would probably be available as a kernal routine (that loads on start-up) or as a module that you _can_ load on start-up, or at runtime.

I'm still on Mandrake 7.2 and don't have any USB devices, but do use modules a fair bit for my sound-card, and other things.

Read the How-to's first (K>Documentation>How-to's), and if there's no help there, under Win (presuming you're still running it) go the the manufacturer's web-site. Search around a little as there is a high likelihood that they will have either the Lin packages you require (in .rpm or .tar.gz, or the like) or will have links to more information on where you can get your modem/usb system to work.

webtoe 04-30-2001 05:22 AM

'drivers' in linux speak are modues that are loaded into the kernel when they are needed. they get put there by a program called modprobe (most usual). this is controlled by a file in the start up scripts in the /etc/rc.d folder (this is what happens in my machine because i use slackware which uses the bsd style start up not the sysV which is what you use). this script invokes modprobe with the correct module for your hardware and with the correct arguements. unfortunatly i have no idea how it is done in the sysV way.

this folder (/etc/rc.d) is also the place for the scripts you wrote (in the one true folder there [not the link ones])

you'll have to get someone else to tell you more about these start up jobbies so that you know where to stick the script.

tell us your peripheral probs and we'll try and help


P.S. yes RPM packages install themselves to the right place. use the package manager (in the K>System bit or configuration or something like that.) it is called Kpackage .

Thymox 04-30-2001 06:13 AM


There are links there to 'driver' files for Win, Mac and Lin. Also documentation on various things.

crumpy 05-24-2001 07:21 AM


I have an alcatel usb modem too.
I'm trying since two weeks to make it surf on the vroom
--> It works with redhat 7.1
* kernel 2.4.4 + sarlib 0.2.2 patch and pppoatm patch and * * speedtouch module
* modutils 2.2.4
* latest hotpluging package
* binary from alcatel

There is a howto :

I'm currently trying to make it be detected at boot time but no way --> have to plug it in :-(

Next step : ipchains

Good Luck

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