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coolthinker 08-02-2003 11:05 AM

Modules question
where can I find a list of modules and can they be started and stopped from the command line and if so is this safe?

deanrantala 08-02-2003 11:21 AM

What modules are you trying to load? The ability of loading/unloalding modules while the system is running is one of the nicest benifits of using a module.

To start the APM (advanced power managemant) module..

$# modprobe apm

or if your using older kernel version..

$# insmod apm

AMABITxS 08-02-2003 11:29 AM

can some one let me know what the $# does at the begining of the

"$# modprobe apm" line


spurious 08-02-2003 11:54 AM

The $# simply refers to your console prompt. Usually, $ denotes the prompt for a regular user and # denotes the prompt for root. You don't type these in; deanrantala was simply trying to illustrate what the command line looks like.

AMABITxS 08-02-2003 05:02 PM

thanks spurious, that was helpful

Im such a n00b!

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